Petra Ral Cosplay Progress – 3 dimensional maneuver gear [3DMG]

Hi sweethearts (*^^*)
Here I’ll show you the progress of my 3DMG.
Hope you like it~
It was a lot of work till now and it’ll be even more work to get the sabers done (X_x)
The paint takes years to dry so I have to wait a long time to paint another layer on it.



I currently finished the Gasbottles and painted the boxes.^^

Next update will be me Cosplaying as Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 6 (^^)

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Ranka Lee and AMNESIA Heroine Cosplay on a rainy day

Hi everyone~ ♥

It’s been a while since I’ve got this Cosplay.
Ranka has always been one of my favorite Characters in Macross,she’s small,cute and happy that’s why I thought she’d suit me…
I’ve been so busy last year that I haven’t had got the chance to wear it on a Convention yet[the same goes for the Heroine of Amnesia,
I love the game and the Characters so much and it's just a waste to have the Cosplay and not being able to wear it] (*u///u*)
And since it’s always raining in Germany the only chance I’ve had was to do a small shooting in my living room
to show you my Ranka and Amnesia Heroine Cosplay *lol*



(Yes I don’t wear shoes in my living room,what kind of pervert would walk around in STREETSHOES in their home?! xD
And I hate my feet….But I like the picture…(^^; )


(I love the Heroine so much,she’s so adorable in the game and a little TO EMOTIONLESS in the Anime…>_>;
Mmmh.. I think I’ll wear it again ♥ The problem is WHEN.. orz )

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New project; Enoshima Junko [Dangan Ronpa]

After I did Petra it’s time to work on my 3DMG and a new Cosplay
while waiting for the paint to dry…
(It takes years…>>; )

My new Project is going to be Enoshima Junko from the Anime/Game Series Dangan Ronpa
(since I love twin ponytail characters it HAD TO BE HER xD)

Here’s a short Preview of my wig(styled the bangs today and cut some parts to get it fluffier xD)
and makeup so far (i need more around the eyes and lip…):


I’ll wear it at Hanami (if the weather isn’t to cold) around May in Ludwigshafen/Germany.

For more Petra Cosplay pictures:
I’ll receive all the pictures on SUNDAY,so I’ll upload them as soon as I can xD

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