Okay, I’m back from Ireland … (DAY 1)

…and i’m already missing the country,the people and everything.

PART 1 – Day 1 – ARRIVAL:
(Beware of grammar/spelling mistakes and much more.  xD)

Let’s start my tiny blog about my experiences in Dublin (Ireland ).
My flight left on friday 31.October 10:40am and I arrived in Dublin around 8pm because I had to stay 4h at the airport in Frankfurt.
(That’s the main reason why this flight wasn’t super expensive. The other reason was the flight back to Germany went late at night… x,D)

When i tried to found the place my shuttlebus to the hotel went off it was already to late and because i didn’t want to wait I’ve asked a nice and friendly man from the airport security for help.
(Thanks again,without you I’d still stand there x,D)With the help of the nice man and his advices I took the next regular bus and hopped off the bus way to early,because I am who I am and jumped off the first time I’ve seen a hotel with the same name as mine.

The result  -> i stood again clueless in the middle of nowhere.
(Like always…. x,D)
After a while of staring into space I decided to ask for help (again) .
So I went up to the nearest student,a tall man,and poked him lightly in the back so he’d notice me.
(I was to scared to say something…Don’t ask why…i’m a real chicken when it comes to talking to people I don’t know xD)
He indeed did notice me and asked if he could help me and that was when I stared at him like that:

and asked him the dumbest question in the world “C-can you please help meeee?I’m loooost! T_T ”
(He already offered to help… x,D)
Come to think of it he must’ve thought I’m a crazy maniac,but he still offered to help me.
So after a short explanation where I had to take the bus to (again)  and my

WHAT?-face he told me he has had to take the same bus to the same street (thank god) and he would tell me when I have to get off of the bus.
I wanted to hug that guy so badly when we got of  the bus,I’ve found my hotel and we’ve talked a little bit (about why I’m here where I’m from..stuff like that) but I thought that’d be pretty inappropriate. xD

So after arriving at my hotel I’ve felt like:

Unfortunately it was pretty late now and i’ve been so tired that I went straight to bed.

Positive things so far:
+ Really nice people
+ Nice hotel room in the city
+ They understood my underworld english xD

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Figure review #1: Hasegawa Kobato

Name: Hasegawa Kobato – limited edition
Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Some of my friends already know I’m a huge fan of the figure&model-kit manufacturer Kotobukiya.
Especially when it comes to details – for me – Kotobukiya is the best.
(And for how detailed their figures are, the prices are more than fair.)
Now, I’ve had the chance of buying the limited edition of Hasegawa Kobato and provide you with some pictures.
(Please ask me before posting those pictures on other sides,thanks. ^_^ )

I loved the chair as base and the pose they’ve chosen,
it brings out Kobato’s cuteness to the fullest!
Just look at her~ (*^//w//^*)

First let’s take a look at the front and back of the box!
(Yes I also bought a Mikasa prize figure! Maybe I’ll write an review about her as well….If you want me to xD)









You’re now entering the 16+ area! XD



Pantsu! xD orz
but they did a great job here as well ^^Hasegawa4


Have I mentioned that I especially love her hair? No? Now you know it ^^

All in all I’d rate this figure 10 out of 10 points!
It’s super cute,super detailed and you just have to love it!
I’m super happy I’ve purchased her (*^^*)

P.S: I’m not a man or a boy!I’m 100% female and love figures like this one!
My next figure is going to be Super Sonico! ♥

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New site,easier access,feel free to pay a visit and chat with me :3

Okay I’ve got a page right over here:
I’ll update all costumes,reviews and everything right there
mostly because I can’t access wordpress with my mobile phone(for whatever reasons ever) and update it while I’m at work xD

This blog will later be used as my Holiday-Diary :3

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